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Eight Reasons To Visit Amsterdam

Not only oozing with culture and history, beautiful architecture and more bikes than you’ll be able to count, Amsterdam has so much to offer. It’s a vibrant and friendly place (and we’re not just talking about the Red Light District) and has something for everyone, whether you’re staying for a short break or long weekend. So if you’re still debating a break to this city full of canals, we’ve compiled eight reasons why you should visit Amsterdam.

The endless canals

Of course you’ll have heard and seen about the canals of Amsterdam, but did you know that the city has 165 canals? So whether you want to wander down the canal side seeing as many as you can, or fancy taking a canal cruise either privately or more traditional, we guarantee that none of the canals will bore you! We’d highly recommend Those Dam Boat Guys as they’re the most laid back, fun and informative boat tour in Amsterdam.

An array of stylish hotels to stay in

Now it’s hard to narrow down just a few, as there are many stylish hotels but if we had to pick our top three, we think you wouldn’t disagree.

First up we’ve got The Pulitzer, which is located in the lively Nine Streets. Think quintessential Dutch elegance with a unique blend of up-market, traditional and modern design. The rooms are intimate, the gardens are tranquil, and the hotel bar and restaurant serves simple yet beautifully crafted dishes.

Second on our list is Soho House with 79 beautiful bedrooms in a 1930s building. Inspired by Dutch design, the rooms range from Tiny to XL Monumental, each with charm and elegance. From eating and drinking to health and fitness, and an inviting rooftop pool, you certainly won’t be short of things to do here.

And thirdly, also located in Nine Streets, is The Hoxton. What once was the mayor’s house, is now home to comfy armchairs, cosy corners and an all day destination lobby. The beds are the kind that you’ll struggle to leave, and the food in the restaurant serves up fresh delicious flavours. Plus the photobooth in the entrance is always a good idea.

Explore the city by bike

When it’s known as the most bike-friendly city in the world and with over 881,000 bikes, it’s almost rude not to rent out a bike and explore Amsterdam by pedals. There are over 400 kilometres of cycle paths, making if one of the most efficient (and fun) ways to see the city, whilst fully embracing how the Dutch live.

Work your way around the coffee shops

If there’s one thing you won’t be short of in Amsterdam, it’s coffee shops! They’re incredibly social places where you can enjoy some great coffee, nice food and meet new people, and with over 250 shops around the city, you’ll definitely find the perfect one for you. A personal one we love, is De Laatste Kruimel which will have you drooling over their tasty treats from the window. It’s an organic deli, selling everything from fresh bread and cakes, to sandwiches and pastries, and judging by the popular attraction it gets, you can bet that it doesn’t disappoint.

Take a stroll to Vondelpark

The largest public park in the city, and also one of the most famous in the Netherlands, it’s definitely worth a visit to Vondelpark. Not only is it loved my locals as well as tourists, but it’s always full of people enjoying the beautiful park. In the summer you’ll also find free concerts, open air theatres and many other activities, so hop on a bike and take a trip to Vondelpark!

Dine at Jansz restaurant

Described as an effortless yet upscale all-day dining restaurant, Jansz, located in The Pulitzer, respects the simplicity of quality ingredients and served modern classics with an easy going Dutch attitude. With dishes ranging from Dover Sole to Lobster Risotto and Veal, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to dining at Jansz. This is a place where luxury is most enjoyed when shared.

Try traditional Dutch food

You can’t go to Amsterdam and not enjoy the true taste of Dutch food. The most popular Dutch treat is the Stroopwafel, which is similar to a waffle, but thinner, chewier and filled with caramel or syrup - and it’s delicious! You also have to try a Bitterballen, which are deep-fried breadcrumb-covered balls, filled with meat-ragout fillings. Whilst the name may put you off, we can assure you that they’re little balls of goodness - and are best served with a nice beer!

Delve right into the history

Amsterdam is full of history and culture, with iconic street markets, Dam Square, Rijksmuseum, and many more museums that are waiting to be explored. We’d highly recommend a trip to Anne Frank’s House, telling the story of the Jewish diarist and the Van Gogh museum, which holds the largest works of art of him.

Fancy a quick trip to Amsterdam? Get in touch with us to find out more!


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