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MERCER7 - introducing our go to womenswear concept platform

Updated: May 9, 2019

After feeling disappointed by endless online clothes orders and thinking that online shopping was becoming saturated with too many options, New York fashion designer, stylist and creative director, Erna Leon, founded MERCER7. A London based curated womenswear concept and a collaborative lifestyle platform, Erna describes MERCER7 as a little like an online personal shopper where the finest pieces are selected for the site, and ensuring slow fashion is high priority to represent style rather than trend.

So with travel and fashion going hand in hand, we couldn’t wait to catch up with Erna to find out more about her go-to travel style.

Tell us the story behind MERCER7 and how it came about?

I come from a fashion design background, but after becoming a mum I wanted to work in a flexible way around my family life.

During my maternity leave there were so many times that I would order clothes online and be disappointed with the quality or fit after receiving my order. I also thought that online shopping was becoming a bit saturated with way too many options. So I decided to create a focused space with a single aesthetic to make shopping easier for busy women. The aesthetic is minimal and effortless with a bit a of a rock’n’roll edge. I select the finest pieces that are easy to wear and simple to style, so you don’t have to spend hours on end trying to search for the perfect outfit. It is all about having the ultimate capsule wardrobe where everything just works together and can be styled multiple ways.

I like to think of MERCER7 a bit like an online personal shopper. I collaborate with brands and curate collections from high street to luxury, taking the hassle out of online shopping.

Having a focus on slow fashion was always very important to me, that’s why I only feature clothes that can last for a long time in both quality and aesthetic - representing style rather than trend. It’s about longevity and not throw-away fashion.

Fashion is naturally a huge part of your life but what role does travel help influence that?

I love exploring and discovering new places. There is so much inspiration out there and I feel happiest when I travel. I also feel like my style changes a bit when I’m away on holiday, I definitely get this bohemian care-free vibe.

When you’re travelling, what’s your go to travel style?

I keep it simple (same mentality all year around) and I don’t ever overpack. I am all about easy to wear pieces; maxi dresses, playsuits/silky jumpsuits, a pair of flip flops and a great pair of sunglasses.

Do you have any essential travel items you swear by? If so, what are they?

All my miniature beauty products! I’ve got a little box full of travel size samples which come in handy when I travel. Also, never pack anything that might need ironing.

Where’s your favourite destination? What makes it so special to you?

A beach holiday! Show me a palm tree and some sun, and I’m happy :)

I also love Barcelona. I love the people. I love the fact that it is a city and a beach town all in one. I love all the art and culture.

Another place is New York. It’s my first home and where I spent my formative years. It will always be home, no matter where I live.

How has your travel life changed since having kids, if at all?

I traveled a lot with them when they were babies. But now that they are in school and we can only go away in school holidays, we don’t travel as much. We do take them to festivals which they love and this year we are taking them to New York, which should be fun.

What’s been your most memorable holiday?

Costa Rica with my friend Kat. We did a little girls trip which was fun. Also, road tripping around California was amazing. I love that laid back Cali vibe.

What are your turn to fashion brands for resortwear?

Loving oversized Kalita dresses, Three Graces, Matteau. But I don’t always stick to strictly resortwear brands as there are so many gorgeous (and simple) pieces you can find from most of my favourite brands.

Where have you not travelled to but is on your hit list?

I’d love to go to Palau for the beach and beautiful scenery and also Japan for the amazing culture and experience.

Make sure to check out MERCER7 for all things womenswear.


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