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Rae Feather -meet our favourite luxury accessories brand!

Rae Feather is DNA's favourite independent luxury accessory designer. Known best for their woven baskets and clutches, their work has become a staple in the wardrobes of fashion experts around the world. Each piece offers a bespoke touch in the form of monogrammed initials. Working with expert artisans, their pieces blend time-honoured craft skills with a contemporary design aesthetic; think pom-poms, tassels and bold colour motifs

We caught up with Rae to find out more about her travel style.


Where was your most recent trip? Was it for work or leisure?

The last trip was to India. I spent 10 days there and travelled to Lucknow, Mumbai, Jaipur and Delhi. It was a fantastic trip for work and very fruitful for the business.

If you had the pick of any place in the world for just 24 hours only, where would you go and what would you do?

Tough question. It would probably be a Gullet in Turkey. I'd moor up on a secluded beach restaurant where no shoes are compulsory and eat the best fish and drink delicious crisp white wine for hours before getting back on board for a sundowner and then sail into the sunset. The dream.

In your opinion where is the most liveable place in the world that you have visited?

It would have to be London - the city that has everything. Admittedly the weather could be better but it's an incredible city.

Best/worst food you’ve eaten whilst travelling?

The best food will always be anywhere in Italy - their passion for food is something else. The worst is China, mainly because I had no idea what I was eating!

Who is your dream travel companion and why?

My mum. She never fails to make the best company and is always up for an adventure. She's easy to be around, active and the right kind of crazy. I'd also go anywhere with my kids!

Best destination for fashion/interior inspo?

Ibiza - there's an incredible, relaxed lifestyle over there and it's a shoppers paradise. I never fail to come back laden with ideas (and a tightly packed suitcase!).

Most luxurious holiday destination you have ever visited and why?

It might not be everyone's idea of luxury but I went to the Palazzo Sasso on the Amalfi Coast and it ticked all my boxes! The epitome of old school chic!

What is your travel ‘style’?

I am a bit of a hippy. Wonderful brightly coloured, lose cotton kaftan, big sunglasses, no shoes and a Rae Feather basket would be my go to style!

3 of your travel essentials?

Moisturiser, conditioner and a great book

Where is still on your ‘bucket list’?

Uruguay, Mexico and Cuba.

What are you most passionate about in relation to travel?

With each travelling adventure comes experience and learning. It's a never ending world of amazing memory building.

What is the hairiest situation you have gotten yourself into while travelling?

I ended up in a hospital in a remote location in Japan. Let's just say that was an adventure I wouldn't choose to revisit again.

What’s one of your most cherished travel memories or moments?

Myself and my boys were on a boat in the South of France. We had the dreamiest day and were heading back to shore and out of nowhere came a school of dolphins and did a show for us at the back of the boat. It was like a movie.

Who is the most inspirational person you have met on your travels?

I cycled from Vietnam to Cambodia a few years ago and watching women, all women, how they work and raise their kids and look after their elders and simply get stuff done with a smile on their face always - we don’t know we are alive!

Do you switch off on holiday and if so, how?

Not for a few days. Music and a good book often help. Sadly when I switch off I often don’t want to switch back on again...


For more information about Rae and her business, check out the Rae Feather website here.


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