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Wonderment, what is it? In the dictionary it states ‘A state of awed admiration or respect’ I am sure that feeling for me is very different to how it feels for you, it’s such an individual thing. I know I used to get it a lot when I was younger, I see it in my children but as an adult it seems to happen less often– it’s something I miss.

I believe travel creates the biggest opportunity for wonderment but sometimes we look at our holidays as a chance to fly and flop! Of course relaxation and down time is important but both of these can be found not just by lazing by a pool sunning yourself. Personally, I feel most relaxed reading a book by the pool. These things have all become important in what certainly is a crazy world. Relaxation to get away from work, the general pressure of everyday life or dare we say

My concern is that people take the easy route when it comes to holidays and they don’t take enough advice, communicate with the correct people or think deeply enough about what they want to get out of their break, how they want to spend their precious ‘down time’. Why leave it to chance or do something average. Jumping online and booking the first option that fits a budget and has nice pictures isn’t the way to find wonderment on your holiday.

I recently went on a Regent Seven Seas Cruise and it was fantastic, I was always so cynical about cruises, thinking ‘they’re for old people’ ‘it will be cramped, ‘the food will be awful’ I was totally stunned how incredible the experience was from start to finish and the amazing things you can do during a cruise are certainly enough to give anybody the special word!

Here at DNA we are lucky to provide a service that enriches people’s lives – when we sit down with our clients we are in the business of opening up the world for them, talking about places and experiences they may have otherwise discarded. One of our clients is 74 years of age and has travelled all over the world staying in the most beautiful destinations and hotels. I asked him if he’d been to India, his response ‘never have and I never will.’ Firstly, he doesn’t enjoy Indian food and always thought of the country as too adventurous for his travelling style! We enlisted the help of our India expert, discussed options in detail, showing him menus from the various suggested hotels, running through excursions available, securing the most luxurious hotels in the most interesting places. Along with his wife they will embark on a fantastic journey through India which I have no doubt will enchant and amaze them in a way only India can.

I am guilty of going for the simple option when it comes to taking a break, my 2020 resolution is to travel to places that will have a lasting impact, places that will take me back to being a child and discovering the big wide world. This year I will be looking to the future and researching places I haven’t been to starting with South America and Antarctica, getting excited about the people I will meet, the sights I will see, the sounds, smells and experiences that will come my way if I just push my travel boundaries a little more. I want my family to see what the world is really like outside of the little bubble we all tend to live in. I’m looking for wonderment and with our help I think you should to.

Why not find your Wonderment by talking to one of our experts at DNA Luxury and Corporate Travel



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