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Chasing The Winter Sun: Part 2

Last week we posted the first in our winter sun inspiration series. We've said it once and we'll say it again, September is a great month to get your holiday planned out before the cool weather really kicks in and the inevitable winter blues hit you. The closer we get to the cool of winter, the more expensive it becomes to chase the sun!

Our next destination is one that we recommend for a long-haul family-friendly destination, simply because it's a country that provides something for everyone. Hiking, snorkelling, island hopping, name it, Thailand has it. Here are top 3 recommendations for destinations whilst you're there:


November to March is the ideal time to head to Thailand. Throughout the country there is incredible service, it's culturally diverse and the food is, in our opinion, consistently outstanding. It's a great destination to travel to with kids for families who are open to a bit of an adventure! Whilst flights can be pricier, when you get there, everything is phenomenal value for money.


We recommend starting your Thailand adventure in Bangkok and spending no more than a couple of days here before heading to the islands or the jungle. Whilst it doesn't have tourist attractions like most major cities, it's a fascinating city to wander through with food and drink options galore! Our favourite hotel is the Como Metropolitan. The location is great, service outstanding and it's the perfect place to unwind after exploring the hustle and bustle of the city.

Krabi Island

A short flight over from Bangkok (around an hour and a half) lies Krabi, over on the west coast of southern Thailand. Both inland and coast provide you with something to see and do: waterfalls and a jungle interior as well as white sand beaches that are beyond idyllic. It's a great destination for families for the breadth of activities available. The Ritz Carlton's Phulay Bay hotel is really something special. The level of detail this hotel goes to is unparalleled and the views from every corner of the resort is a photograph ready to be snapped.

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is a mountainous part of Northern Thailand. It is packed full of outstandingly beautiful temples to visit but similarly has a buzzy downtown area to provide some nightlife and entertainment. The old town is a must visit - you'll be wandering the streets alongside barefooted monks in flame coloured robes. The markets are well worth a visit - you'll eat a lot here - and want to burn it off on a trek the next day. The Four Seasons Chiang Mai is where we recommend you stay, the spa of which is well worth a try. As with most of our hotel recommendations, the service is outstanding here - no stone left unturned.

Flights to Bangkok are currently priced from £493 in the British Airways sale (economy).

For more ideas, restaurant and experience recommendations, let us help you plan your Thailand adventure. Get in touch with Dan and Katie here.


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